We believe that a perfectly balanced combination of traditional values with modern sensibilities makes Brambletye a very special to be. It enables our pupils to thrive as they learn and play, our teachers to love their work as they encourage and support and our parents to feel pride and peace of mind as they see their children flourish and explore their abilities.

Close to our Centenary, we cultivate the traditional values of good manners, respect and kindness to all those around us.  This is an education which focuses on developing the whole person in a beautiful and historic setting.

We have thought hard about how we prepare our children for a future which may look quite different from today’s world.  We encourage and inspire our pupils to be emotionally intelligent and adaptable. We show them how to be the best people they can be, creatively, academically and physically. We give them the courage and belief in their abilities to become confident, happy individuals, well equipped for the next phase of their education and their lives.

We hope that when you visit the school or when the children tell you about Brambletye, you feel the spirit here – the character, the history and the spark that makes us different.

A Brambletye Education

At Brambletye we give our pupils the time and space to explore their abilities, ask questions, develop their interests and their friendships. The children leave Brambletye as confident, happy, and well-adjusted young people who work hard, have a love of learning, enjoy drama, games and music and play a part in some of the many societies and hobbies. They are in possession of a solid foundation on which they can build as they progress through the rest of their education.

A Brambletye education is focused on the individual. We encourage every child to find the area or subject in which they can excel, building their confidence and self-esteem. Much further down the line, we will prepare your child for their chosen senior school.  We aim to inspire an understanding of the wisdom of the past and the technology of tomorrow’s world and to strive to foster a strong and independent work ethic.

A love of learning. Reading is a cornerstone of life at Brambletye. We believe that through books our pupils expand their horizons, develop empathy and improve their attention span. A Brambletye education will inspire the skill of creative thinking that will be in much demand across all disciplines, from Science to the Arts.

A sense of community. We are a school run along family lines and we have a deep sense of sharing and supporting each other. Children learn to celebrate other pupils’ success as well as their own and respect and be kind those around them. Through the House system, Tutor Groups and Boarding Houses, a culture of looking after each other is developed with children mixing and making friends across age groups.  The children’s happiness and security is our prime concern.

A sense of self:  Children become individuals who are not only talented and high achieving, but also generous of spirit, curious about the world and its inhabitants, alive to its possibilities and engaged with their role in it. Their balanced perspective on life allows them to feel at ease with others and happy to be themselves.

Beyond ourselves: We teach children about their role within both local and the wider community and we aim to help them become responsible citizens with an understanding of how they can make a difference to people less fortunate than themselves.


What a wonderfully rounded school you have created that caters for all sorts of different types of pupils in all sorts of different way. I think that the values of kindness, respect and manners which Brambletye seems built on are so important in achieving all of this and our children are very lucky to have their school life pinned to these principles; in many ways these are the most important qualities to learn.