Digital Learning

Technology is a fundamental part of education at Brambletye. It enables us to increase engagement, enhance learning and encourage collaboration. We use a variety of platforms and resources to support the educational experience of the pupils, including the use of Chromebooks in lessons.

Digital learning allows our pupils to access more information than is readily available in a standard classroom but also ensures that the information is best suited to their personal needs. Our pupils are digital natives, having grown up in close contact with all manner of technology, and harnessing this knowledge to help every one of them learn at the best pace and path for them is the overarching philosophy behind our digital learning curriculum.

Technology, when used correctly, can be a powerful and transformational tool in education. Our aim is to equip pupils with the skills, tools, understanding, knowledge and resilience to engage with new technologies, new experiences and new ideas, preparing them for their future learning and adult life.

Whilst the internet is a wonderful place to learn, it is of vital importance that our pupils know how to stay safe when using it.  At Brambletye we always keep e-safety at the forefront of our and the pupils’ minds during all ICT-based lessons. Internet safety  is a fundamental part of our PSHEE curriculum. By talking to the pupils about their internet use and teaching them about online dangers, we are able to keep the children safe to utilise what is an incredibly powerful learning tool.