Brambletye teaches a broad curriculum leading ultimately to the Common Entrance or Academic Scholarship examinations at 13+. In the Pre-Prep and Lower school National Curriculum guidelines are followed, although the aim is always to extend the pupils as far as possible academically. French is taught from Nursery onwards and all Pre-Prep children are taught Games and Music by specialist subject staff. Children begin Latin in Year 5.

Pupils are mostly class taught by a single teacher up to the end of Year 4, and taught by specialist subject teachers thereafter. From Year 5 onwards pupils are streamed according to ability. The top set in each year group is then ‘accelerated’ with the intention of completing the Common Entrance syllabus by the end of Year 7. The most able of these pupils will be sitting practice scholarship papers by the end of Year 7. For most pupils there are examinations twice a year, normally in November and June. All top set pupils sit a special General Paper which aims to examine thinking and inferential skills. Academic Scholarships have recently been won at Tonbridge, Sevenoaks and Winchester.

Pupils who would benefit from additional help in their studies may get specialist one-to-one tuition, following a recommendation from an educational psychologist. This is provided by our Learning Development Department. Language and curriculum support are also offered to a small number of pupils for whom English is a second language. All pupils are assessed annually in English, Maths and Cognitive Ability by means of objective assessment tests.

Our broad curriculum and our versatile staff aim to deliver a wide variety of activities that contribute to the flourishing academic life at the school.