Brambletye has an excellent history of raising money for worthwhile causes. The charities are chosen by the children and they plan and organise their own fundraising events. Cake sales, art auctions, dog shows, marathons, race nights and more. Children have fun raising money while gaining an early understanding of how they might make a difference to people’s lives.

Traditionally we support one main, child-centred charity a year and this alternates between a local charity and an overseas one. Members of staff propose a selection of appropriate charities towards the end of the summer term and pupils vote for their favourite. 

Baby 2 Baby and Beyond

In 2023/2024: This year’s charity is Baby 2 Baby and Beyond who aims to gift baby and children’s clothes and other essential items to families in need. As well as fundraising to support their operations,  we will be running collections for children aged 0 – 16 which will be wrapped and gifted to children whose families are experiencing financial hardship. 

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Hope and Homes for Children

In 2022/2023:   This year’s charity is Hope & Homes for Children whose ambition is to stop the institutionalisation of children across the world.   We chose to support this charity because we wanted to offer support to children and families in Ukraine who continue to be torn apart by war.    Hope & Homes for Children work in countries across Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia and we will be supporting their Ukraine Crisis Appeal. 

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Royal Marsden Cancer Charity

In 2021/2022 the children voted for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.   While being a much larger charity than we would usually support, the Royal Marsden is particularly close to our hearts.  In 2019 one of our pupils Pippa, was able to ring the bell to mark the end of her treatment for lymphoblastic leukaemia.  Pippa and her family wanted to find a way to thank the Royal Marsden for their incredible support throughout her treatment and so it became our charity for the year.  After two years of Covid, it was wonderful to reintroduce events and the Spring Dinner and Dance was a joyous occasion.  The Art auction, Autumn and Summer concerts, Year 4 Entrepreneur Day and Pre-Prep Summer Fun Day all returned to Brambletye and many parents and staff improved their fitness by taking part in the 100K in May, Brighton Half Marathon and Press-Ups Challenge.   The children were as ingenious as ever in finding ways to raise money and we were delighted to handover a cheque for £48,000 at the end of the year.

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Huracan Foundation

In 2020/2021:  The Huracan Foundation is a charity founded by OB Henry May to transform educational outcomes and tackle social issues through football.  Fundraising through a pandemic presented all kinds of challenges especially with no options to host some of our usual live events.  But the lockdown required creativity which is quality we know quite a bit about at Brambletye and the pandemic was not going to dampen our passion for fundraising.  Events created by parents, pupils and staff this year were inspirational, broad and exciting plus they helped us to have some sense of purpose and fun in a time when our spirits were sometimes dampened.  The Art auction went online, outdoor challenges were embraced and one boy even decided to do a sponsored silence for a day.  The outcome was astounding and it is incredible to believe that it was in this very challenging year that we smashed our fundraising record, raising an incredible amount of £57,261. 

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Robbie's Rehab

In 2018/2019  we supported Robbie’s Rehab  The aim of the charity is to provide outpatient services for children who have been diagnosed with and treated for brain injuries/tumours. Robbie’s Rehab grants access to medical rehabilitation to these children – post treatment – to enable them to fulfil their lives to their true potential. For further information.







Rwanda Aid

In 2018/2019:  Brambletye children, staff and pupils focussed their energy on raising money to build a school in Rwanda.  Energetically supported throughout the year by David Chaplin of Rwanda Aid, events and donations raised £24,000.  Rwanda Aid  has made a huge difference to the educational experience of a number of children in Rwanda.  Brambletye’s donation alone has enabled the building of 2 new classrooms and a lavatory block.

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2017/2018 was another record-breaking year for Brambletye’s fundraising. Children, parents and staff doubled last year’s amazing tally, raising a breathtaking £54,535 for Demelza.   This incredible charity which provides hospice care for children in Kent and Sussex really inspired the children to find all sorts of ways to raise money.  There were cake sales, sponsored bike rides and runs, an entrepreneurship day, the art auction, whole school concerts, a 4 x 4 challenge, and a  Burns night evening to name just a few of the initiatives. For more information:  




Flames of Hope

In 2016/2017 The children raised an elephantine and Brambletye record amount of £27,000 for Flames of Hope. Flames of Hope is a proposed new school in Rongai, Kenya, the development of which will be overseen by the Vanessa Grant Trust. Brambletye and the Vanessa Grant Trust have a long history together – we have supported two of their previous projects, at which Brambletye children have even been volunteer teachers!

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Halow Project

In 2015/16 we supported the halow Project founded by Damon Hill. The halow Project aims to ensure that every person with a learning disability has the same life choices and chances as any other person. We were thrilled to present a cheque to them for £17,095.

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SOS Childrens’ villages in Brazil

In 2014/2015, we supported the SOS Children’s Villages in Brazil. The charity helps vulnerable children and families in poverty stricken areas of the country.

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Advance centre

In 2013/2014, over £15,100 was raised by the Brambletye community for the Advance Centre in East Grinstead. The centre works with children and young people with brain injuries and provides support and advice to their families.

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Gogar primary school in kenya

In 2012/2013, we raised over £12,000 for the Gogar Primary School in Kenya, which is part of the Vanessa Grant Trust. The money raised will go to build new dormitories and a secure ICT room.

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