Design Technology

This is taught by qualified specialists and practicing artists. All pupils receive a double period of Art and DT weekly and they are taught a diverse range of skills and disciplines which include drawing and painting, printmaking, and three dimensional product design. Pupils are challenged to observe and record information, interpret their own ideas and to use their imagination when making works of art.

The department has a strong reputation for excellence and scholarships to a wide range of senior schools are won consistently on an annual basis. We aim to bring out the best in every pupil, and in addition to formal lessons the department offers evening activities in the Autumn and Spring terms. For the more committed art student the opportunity is available for them to attend holiday art courses run by the Head of department, assisted by visiting artists and past students who are currently on degree courses. Pupils are encouraged to develop their ideas using both two and three dimensional media with emphasis on creativity.

We hold two annual exhibitions at The Greenstede Gallery, Chequer Mead in East Grinstead and in our school theatre on Sports and Open day in June where every pupil in the school including the Pre-prep department will have a piece of work on display.

Dave Holden

Head of Art and Design Technology