Minibus Routes

Brambletye is well connected to many local towns and villages in Sussex and Kent through 3 minibus routes.

Brambletye runs three morning minibus services: Haywards Heath/Maresfield Route; Edenbridge/Cowden Route and Crowborough Route. These run on different loops around Sussex and Kent, arriving at school at approximately 8.10am. To see maps of the routes and pick-up points click on ‘View Larger Map’ on the right hand side of the title.

The Haywards Heath/Maresfield and Edenbridge/Cowden routes operate from Monday to Saturday and also on a reverse route on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings, leaving the school at approximately 5.50pm.
The Crowborough Route operate Monday to Friday mornings.

The morning services do not operate on the first day of term, but the evening service does.

Height-adjustable seat belts or booster seats are available for smaller children in all our vehicles.

The charges vary according to the distance travelled and range from £5.00 per person per day for one morning per week, to £3.00 per person per day for 6 mornings per week.
We offer sibling discounts for multi-child families:

Second child

50% discount

Third child

75% discount

Fourth child


Parents need to opt for a payment and pick-up plan for a complete term, but can change their plan for any subsequent term provided the school is notified in reasonable time before the start of a new term.

All enquiries to the Bursary:
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