Minibus Routes

Brambletye is well connected to many local towns and villages in Sussex and Kent through 3 minibus routes.

Brambletye runs three morning bus routes and two evening routes.  The morning routes arrive at school by 8.10am and the evening routes depart school at 5.55pm.  This service is offered on Monday to Friday mornings and Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings (including exeats).  There is no service on the first day of each term and the last afternoon of each term.

The routes are as follows:

Route 1 – Crockham Hill, morning and evening

Route 2 – Haywards Heath, morning and evening

Route 3 – Crowborough, morning

The scheduled journeys’ charges vary according to the distance travelled and range from £3.14 to £5.25 per journey.  The more journeys that are booked each week, the cheaper the journey will be. Journeys can be swapped and extra journeys booked at the usual fare + £1.50.

For more information or if you would like your child to be included on a school bus, please contact Julie Leman in the Bursary,