Admissions Process

Children may enter Brambletye Pre-Prep at any age between two and seven years old and the Prep School at any age between seven and thirteen years old.  They may join in the Autumn, Spring or Summer term and we are used to welcoming new children into all year groups.


You are welcome to visit the School at any time for an informal tour and to meet the Headmaster and his wife, Mr and Mrs Brooks.

If you are unable to travel to Brambletye at the moment, we have a great virtual tour which you can book here. Mr Brooks would also be delighted to meet you over Zoom which our Registrar will be happy to arrange for you. Please contact her by email or by phone: 01342 321004


Registration is the first formal stage of the Admissions procedure following a visit early registration is advised. Registration Forms are available from Registrar, or you can download a form here.

If you require this form in a different format or a paper copy then please contact the Registrar. A non-returnable Registration fee of £100 should accompany your completed Registration Form via bank transfer to our bank account, details of which are on the registration form.

Prep School Entry for new pupils – Preliminary Assessment

During the year preceding entry, pupils registered to join the Prep School are invited to the school for a brief and informal preliminary assessment. In this way we are able, as far as possible, to see each child before an offer of a place is made. A copy of the most recent school report is also requested.

The assessment takes little more than 30 minutes and will assess reading age, literacy skills, numeracy skills and general character/interests. The assessment will be conducted by the Deputy Head Academic who will see each pupil individually; he will be at pains to put the children at ease so that we see each child at his or her best.

The preliminary assessment is consciously brief and informal and so any conclusions will be broad rather than specific. Nevertheless in most cases the assessment will, alongside a satisfactory report from the previous school, provide us with sufficient information to confirm that Brambletye is a suitable school for the child concerned.

Having said that, it is possible that some questions may be raised as to suitability, in which case either a more thorough assessment will be discussed with parents, or we may recommend an alternative school. After the preliminary assessment, all being well, we will write to the parents with a brief summary of the assessment and a formal offer of a place. If places are full in the relevant year group, then a successful candidate will be placed on the waiting list.

An Acceptance Form must be completed and returned to indicate acceptance of the place, which is then guaranteed. At this point a deposit is required, which is returnable when your son or daughter leaves Brambletye. If it is not possible for a child to attend a preliminary assessment – if living overseas for example – then we will either base an assessment upon previous school reports or additionally by assessment papers in English and Maths that will be forwarded.

Prep School Entry for Brambletye Pre-Prep pupils

There is no preliminary assessment for children moving from the Brambletye Pre-Prep to the Prep School, and children accordingly move automatically.

If, however, there is a concern that Brambletye Prep School may not be suitable for a Brambletye Pre-Prep pupil, then the Head of the Pre-Prep will initiate discussions with the parents as early as possible to consider the best way forward.

Pre-Prep Entry

There is no preliminary assessment for children entering the Pre-Prep. In the year preceding entry, a formal offer of a place will be made to children registered to join the Pre-Prep, subject to availability of places and, where relevant, receipt of a satisfactory school report from the previous school.

An Acceptance Form must be completed and returned to indicate acceptance of the place, which is then guaranteed. At this point, a deposit is required, which is returnable if your child completes the ‘Early Years’ stage of their education (Reception), or your child starts and leaves at a later date.  

New Pupils’ Day

Children entering the Prep School at the beginning of the Autumn Term (Years 3 – 8) are invited to a New Pupils’ Day during the term before entry. On this day the children will have another opportunity to look around the school and they will meet their future friends.

New parents will have the opportunity to meet each other and some teachers. The second-hand clothing shop will also be open.

Children starting at the Pre-Prep and Nursery are invited to an informal morning or afternoon before the start of their first term.


Registration Form