Modern Boarding

Children choose to board at Brambletye and our contemporary boarding model is desgined to suit modern families. Life as a Brambletye boarder is vibrant and varied. The experience offers children many opportunities to make the most of the extra activities, sport, music and space, enabling them to live Brambletye life to the full in a stimulating and warm-hearted community.  Children come from near and far; Sussex, Kent, London and all over the world.  We are very proud of our global village. The children learn to be kind, independent, tolerant and respectful of each other while sharing fun, achievements and experiences and forging lifelong friendships.   Brambletye boarders leave us as well-rounded young people who are not only prepared for their next school but who are equipped with the lifeskills they will need in the future.

Boarding is at the heart of the Brambletye community both literally and metaphorically.  The boys’ and girls’ boarding houses are situated in the main building.  The dorms are bright and modern with common rooms to relax in.  Houseparents, pastoral and teaching staff, the Headmaster and his wife, parents and pupils are all involved with boarding and infuence its character.

Boarders and Day Boarders

Children choose to be Boarders or Day Boarders. From Years 3 – 8, boarders stay at school all week with the option to go home after matches on a Saturday, returning to school on Sunday night or Monday morning.  If the weekend activities appeal to them they can opt to stay in for the weekend. We are not a school that empties out at weekends and we always have a large number of children to entertain.  Weekends are the time when children really have the opportunity to bond with each other during their downtime or through the extraordinary activities which are organised for them.  Day boarding is offered to children in Years 3 – 8.  They sleep at school for two, three or four nights a week.  This gentle introduction to boarding enables children to test the water to see if boarding is for them or not. Children in Year 7 can board for a minimum of 3 nights per week and in Year 8 there is a minimum of 4 nights per week.


Ask any of our boarders why they enjoy boarding at Brambletye and they’ll tell you that it’s fun, exciting and that they enjoy being with their friends. They love the fact that they can make the most of all the activities and hobbies on offer without being shuttled from one place to another.  When they go home, the family is able to enjoy good quality, dedicated time together.


Houseparents will keep in regular touch with parents to keep them up to date with their child’s progress and well-being.

Parents are always welcome to visit.  Sport fixtures, concerts, productions and social events are frequent and a brilliant opportunity to have a fly-on-the-wall insight to your child’s life at school.

Children are able to contact home via Skype, Facetime, phone and email.


Statement of Boarding Principles