Learning Development

Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you are right.

Henry Ford

So much of our work in Learning Development is linked to self-esteem. We believe it is essential to treat each child that comes to our department as an individual. We work with them to find out their own unique profile of strengths and difficulties, giving them a voice so they can help shape the programme of support put in place for them.

At Brambletye, we believe that every teacher is responsible for supporting a child who has a special educational need or disability. We have the highest aspirations for all children, and we work as a team to help them achieve their potential in all areas of school life.  If it is deemed necessary for a child to receive additional support, we may offer specialist one-to-one lessons, delivered by teachers who have a specialist qualification in working with children with specific learning difficulties. We pride ourselves on our lessons which are multi-sensory (encouraging children to learn with their eyes, ears, hands and voice) and well structured, so children see the step-by-step progression they are making. We have a well-resourced department and there are plenty of opportunities for games to beat the teacher and practise teaching points.

We welcome feedback from parents who, at the end of the day, always know a child best. There is regular contact with parents through emails, telephone calls and scheduled meetings.