This exeat weekend, Year 6 entertained a captivated audience with 3 one act plays.  The fIrst play,  “The Ghost of Canterville” saw an unsuspecting family on holiday outwit a guileless ghost – a story full of suspense with a comic edge.  Next the audience jumped  aboard the Saucy Susan with  young Arnold Blowhard  to perform the tale of “Soaked in Seaweed”.  The ships’s kookie  Captain is of course on the hunt for treasure but he is so obsessed with keeping its whereabouts a secret that he comically  tips most of his crew overboard.  And finally a side-splittingly funny performance of the Murder at Bramblewick Manor, a play which goes very wrong within a play including a guest appearance by English  teacher and Director Mr Lush.   The children’s performances were confident, comical and talented and made their parents and English teachers very proud.