We are delighted to have 2 new art scholars!   At the end of the Spring term Ada and Katya received the fabulous news that they have been awarded art scholarships to Uppingham.

Ada – Art Scholarship to Uppingham

Ada uses the power of Art to communicate her feelings, which she expresses using a diverse range of disciplines and creative techniques to convey her thoughts and ideas visually. Her work is all about the contrast of communication, sometimes portrayed sensitively in the style of Georgia O’Keefe and on occasions using the style of abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock. Ada uses art as her third language and her interview at Uppingham was based on visual communication. Her stunning portfolio did the talking for her and Uppingham described her performance on the day of the scholarship as “outstanding”. Ada is an artist who loves all aspects of life at Brambletye including creative sound and lighting for our musical performances, and her self-disciplined approach to art has inspired our younger pupils to aim high with good behaviour and a positive attitude which can only benefit their progress and development.

Katya – Art Scholarship to Uppingham

Uppingham’s set task for this year’s Art scholarship was ‘Transformation of the Boring’, an open theme which Katya explored thoroughly with sound observational drawing which acted as the supporting study for her final piece. She transformed boring objects into visually exciting works of Art which included a violin, a cup and saucer and glass objects which she used in a still life composition from which to develop her ideas in colour onto canvas to conclude a stunning three-chapter narrative to her set theme.  In addition, task two required the candidates to produce an independent project and Katya devoted her love of animal welfare to this cause by making reference to the important work of conservation artist David Shepherd. In response Katya produced two stunning canvases from a Bengal tiger which are now close to extinction in Asia. Katya is a realist, a painter’s painter, an Art teacher’s privilege, who has established herself as one of the strongest artists to come through the Brambletye academy of Art. She is honest, reliable, and leads by example, particularly with her good behaviour and outstanding attitude to a subject she loves.