No one could have predicted the year that lay ahead when Robbie’s Rehab was appointed the school charity back in the 2019 Summer Term but even with the difficult final months of the school year. However, as a community we still managed to raise  a staggering £41,386 for this very personal and inspirational charity.  Events included the Pre-Prep’s  ‘Robbie’s Raffle and Quiz Night’, ‘Robbie’s Rockets’ on Bonfire
Night, ‘Robbie’s Rocky Road Cake Sale’ (the most successful cake sale ever!),  Mrs Andrew’s ‘Robbie’s Recitals’ and Mrs Parker’s ‘Robbie’s Really Nearly Christmas Cards’.  In January, the school hosted a glittering ‘Robbie’s Burns Night’, which was to be our very last, on site charity event.  Whilst many other fundraising plans had to be cancelled due to Covid-19, the Brambletye children didn’t forget Robbie’s Rehab during lockdown and thousands of pounds were raised over just three short months.  These included Henry C  completing ‘The Kidds Hill Running Challenge’ and Year 4, led by Rose G, remotely ‘Ran, Rambled and Rode to Rome’.
The academic year ended with another absolute first for Brambletye.  ‘Robbie’s Realtime Art Auction’ took place on Wednesday 1st July, coordinated by Mr Holden and his dedicated team and auctioned by ex-parent, Governor and OB Rob Mason.
Robbie’s Rehab is exceedingly grateful to all the children, staff and parents for their generosity, sense of fun, kindness and care, in supporting Robbie’s Rehab. Founder Mark Keville said “All of us at Robbie’s Rehab have greatly enjoyed our time as Brambletye’s Charity of the Year.  Considering the challenges of the pandemic meaning that fundraising ability was almost entirely halted for the 2nd and 3rd terms, it is incredible that the Brambletye community have  £41,386.
This money comes at a turning point for the charity. Our 3 year pilot trial is now complete and the clinical results have shown the NHS that the service is indispensable to children with brain tumours in the South. So we will pay our staff for the last time in March 2021 and from then on they will become NHS employees in a new department rehabilitating children with brain tumours. But that is only the end of phase one: work has begun on allocating space for a ward for the inpatient rehabilitation as well. We are aiming for completion of this ward by the end of 2021. Without the help of our charity, neither venture would happen.
We are so very happy to report that both the outpatient service and the children’s ward will be named ‘Robbie’s Rehab’ in perpetuity. This is of course a fabulous legacy to Robbie who first had the idea but it is a huge tribute to our fundraisers.
Brambletye’s contribution to the fund has been very significant. Had the year run its course, their fundraising would have broken all records I am sure. We would like to express our grateful thanks to Mr and Mrs Brooks for their ever-welcoming presence and endeavour. Our charity champion, Mrs Michele Keville, now enters Robbie’s folklore as a tireless supporter for the cause.
To the whole Brambletye community – staff, parents and above all the children who had so many
superb ideas – thank you’
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