The Huracan Foundation has been chosen as Brambletye’s school charity for the academic
year 2020 / 2021. Voted for by the Brambletye community, the Huracan Foundation was
founded by Old Brambletyean Henry May, a keen footballer, 2nd team football captain in
1998 and coached by David Holden, who will be spearheading the fundraising at the school
throughout this upcoming year.
The power of football remained with Henry for life and his vision and energy off the pitch
resulted in a charity that has saved lives all over the world. The Huracan Foundation gives
people the support to change their world, by using football as a catalyst for learning. The
projects are led by teachers from the Teach For All network, who are all working in
communities with great needs and challenging environments. They aim to improve both the
children’s attendance and performance in school, alongside tackling social issues that are
specific to the local community. These have ranged from reducing gender inequality and
improving opportunities for girls, to steering children away from drugs and local gangs. Their
projects began in South America but have broadened to Africa, Asia and Europe.
Please take time to view the following videos about the Huracan Foundation and
introducing you to founder Henry May:
Henry has created this introductory video especially for Brambletye to tell us his story and
more information about his charity: (7 mins)
Here is a second video that tells the story of the work The Huracan Foundation
does: (3 mins)
Henry is a wonderful example of Brambletye spirit, drive and determination. We are
honoured to be raising money for this incredible charity and it certainly means the world to
David Holden.
He writes ‘Regardless of the pandemic, this is a time to be creative, think outside the box,
and implement old and new exciting fundraising events and activities to combat this
interference in our lives to raise funds. With this in mind, I invite the whole Brambletye
Community to come up with a game plan and kick off the most difficult fundraising match
we will ever experience. Stay safe and let’s make this happen for The Huracan Foundation. 
Fundraising is already underway and we will soon be posting the amazing efforts of our
pupils who have been completing various ‘Bob a Job’ tasks to help raise funds. AND
announcing the amazing amount already raised by David when auctioning his artwork.
Thank you to everyone who took part in these fantastic initiatives.
Watch this space for more information!