Congratulations to Joe, who has won an Art Scholarship to Oundle School!

Mr Holden said “Joe is an exceptional artist. A truly genuine Art student who invests and commits to the subject wholeheartedly. He spends much of his free time in the Art room drawing and painting. His current portfolio displays a broad range of work that covers all the Fine Art disciplines which he uses to explore given and self-initiated themes and starting points such as Figurative, Landscape, Portraits and Still Life with a focus on ‘Skulls’.
Joe loves to visit art galleries and has enjoyed and made the most of our external trips to The White Cube Gallery in London and to independent galleries in his home country Japan.”

The Head of Art at Oundle said Joe’s portfolio “exhibits a commendable balance between technical skill, conceptual engagement, and a willingness to experiment across diverse artistic realms, making it a compelling and well-rounded body of work.”