Brambletye Scholars 

Our Scholarship season has started with a bang as we are delighted to announce five Art Scholarships awarded to  Jacoby (Tonbridge), Kenna (Eastbourne College), Coco (Charterhouse), Orlaith (Charterhouse) and Poppy (Bedes). Huge Congratulations to all! Mr Holden, Head of Art has commended the children on their hard work and preparation for their scholarships. Each child produced an outstanding selection of work and their awards are very well deserved. See below for quotes from Mr Holden for each of the children.

Jacoby – Art Scholarship to Tonbridge

The Tonbridge Art Scholarship paper required applicants to produce a  body of work based on the theme of ‘Other Worlds’. An observational drawing was made compulsory as a starting point for development and Jacoby chose to set up a Still life based on the world of Africa which contained animal skulls, gourdes, and other visually interesting African artefacts. His drawing demonstrates his ability to record information from direct observation using the Brambletye process of adding, blending and subtracting pencil media to create stunning atmospheric surfaces and texture to capture each object in the still life. Stage two was to develop the drawing, and Jacoby produced an acrylic painting in the style of African artist Michael Armitage who fragments his canvases to create off-set imagery which Jacoby achieved by tearing into his own imagery to create an interesting visual display of fragmented objects. For his final piece Jacoby decided to create a relief sculpture from one of the objects in the still life and his Skull demonstrates his ability to work in three-dimensions, in this case with ceramics (Clay) finished nicely with freehand acrylic painting skills. Jacoby is an outstanding artist, quiet and content to let his Art do the talking.  

Poppy – Art Scholarship to Bedes

Poppy’s Art Scholarship result to Bede’s has to be admired enormously for her independent approach to the two year programme of creative and technical study. She worked hard both on and off timetable to produce a portfolio to GCSE level. Her first sketchbook contained a series of visually exciting ideas and starting points only seen by Poppy, her parents and myself due to the fact that she lost it midway through the Autumn term! Poppy’s response was to rework her ideas by starting from scratch to manufacture a new and even stronger sketchbook diary containing intricate sketches, miniature paintings, and artists references which she explored further on larger scale canvases. Poppy’s work is unique in style, personally executed using her own voice, and academic in research and exploration. 

Coco – Art Scholarship to Charterhouse

Brambletye Art in the 21st Century 2023, is showcased by the work of our latest Art Scholarship candidate Coco whose portfolio contains an array of contemporary Fine Art ideas and stunning work with reference to the influential artist Michael Armitage who has inspired her to produce an independent body of work to such a high level. Coco has followed a two-year journey into her own creativity and has curated an exhibition that highlights her independence of thought and creative ambition. In Years 7 and 8 a great deal of emphasis is placed on experimentation and exploration of processes and ideas which she has investigated with real passion. The two-year period gives ample time for reflection and Coco is now continuing to be innovative in the studio through her creative practice, allowing the artist to find her own voice. 

Orlaith – Art Scholarship to Charterhouse

Orlaith’s smile speaks volumes about her current pride and portrays true happiness in winning an Art Scholarship to Charterhouse. This result  justifies two years of hard graft and thorough preparation generated prior to the assessment day where she performed well at interview and controlled test in observational drawing. Orlaith is a traditional fine artist, superb at drawing, creative with paint and surface texture, and intelligent with her critical studies when researching the work of artists she loves such as conservation artist David Shepherd. She is highly passionate about her fine art practice and genuinely cares about Art in education, an attitude which will put her in good stead for a future career in Art and Design or indeed as an Art teacher for the future.

Kenna – Art Scholarship to Eastbourne College

Kenna has worked hard over a three year period resulting in a strong portfolio containing a body of work way above the expected level of a Year 8 student. She has demonstrated a variety of creative fine art techniques and approaches and I am particularly impressed by her beautiful pencil and charcoal studies and expressive drawings from natural and man-made forms and portraits. She is indeed a very talented artist. She is also articulate when discussing and writing about her work and her sketchbook also contains some great work in it supported by some interesting ideas which she has developed as a starting point. Kenna has been fully involved in her creative art lessons to date both on and off timetable, and since winning the Art Scholarship to Eastbourne College she has continued to lead by example by maintaining her enthusiasm and dedication to Art by working on an independent and personal assignment based on her love of ‘Mehndi tattoo patterns’. For a young artist who sometimes doubted herself and her ability to win an award, Kenna is a prime example of perseverance and establishing self-belief by battling through projects with a ‘never give in’ attitude. She has worked hard, always been kind, and is now playing hard with the feeling of success firmly embedded in her system.