Term Dates




Summer Term 2018


Term begins: Wednesday, 18 April (Boarders return on Tuesday, 17 April)
4th – 7th May: Weekend Exeat (May Bank Holiday)
25th – 28th May: Weekend Exeat (Spring Bank Holiday)
2nd – 3rd June: ‘All In’ Weekend
Tues 5th – Fri 8th June: Common Entrance Examinations
9th June: Sports & Speech Day
9th – 17th June: Half Term
Term ends: Saturday, 7th July (12.15pm)



Autumn Term 2018


Term begins: Thursday, 6th September (Boarders return on Wednesday, 5th Sept)
15th & 16th September: ‘All In’ Weekend
21st – 23rd September: Weekend Exeat
5th – 7th October: Weekend Exeat
19th – 28th October: Half Term
3rd & 4th November: ‘All In’ Weekend
9th – 11th November: Weekend Exeat
23rd – 25th November: Weekend Exeat
Term ends: Saturday, 8th December (2pm Carol Service)



Spring Term 2019


Term begins: Monday, 7th January (Boarders return on Sunday, 6th Jan)
19th & 20th January: ‘All In’ Weekend
25th – 27th January: Weekend Exeat
15th – 24th February: Half Term
9th & 10th March: ‘All In’ Weekend
15th – 17th March: Weekend Exeat
Term ends: Wednesday, 27th March (3.00pm)



Summer Term 2019


Term begins: Wednesday, 24th April (Boarders return on Tuesday, 23rd April)
3rd – 6th May: May Bank Holiday Exeat
24th – 27th May: Spring Bank Holiday Exeat
1st & 2nd June: ‘All In’ Weekend
4th – 7th June:  Common Entrance Examinations
8th June: Sports & Speech Day
8th – 16th June: Half Term
Term ends: Saturday, 6th July (12.15pm)



Parents are reminded that these dates should be adhered to. Please arrange to book flights well in advance. If exceptional circumstances arise, a written application for permission to leave early or return late must be sent to the Headmaster.
















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