Digital Learning

ICT has become a core life skill and this is reflected in the way it’s increasingly woven through the whole school curriculum. Pupils are introduced to ICT as early as possible with the aim of developing key ICT skills that will support their learning throughout their Brambletye career and beyond.

The ICT Curriculum reflects the diverse range of skills and technology that pupils will need to enhance their learning, including video, music, coding and Computer-Aided Design in addition to more traditional Office skills. Pupils are introduced to touch typing at an early age and use iPads and Chromebooks regularly in lessons in addition to regular time in the ICT Suite.

Pupils are given the opportunity to experience a wide variety of ICT applications outside of the classroom such as creating videos for form assemblies, running the sound and lights for school productions or creating posters for charity events.

Internet Safety is at the core of the ICT curriculum. There is a continuous programme to ensure that our children embrace the opportunities that technology can offer safely and teach them how to behave responsibly in our increasingly online world.