Scholarships & Bursaries

Brambletye, founded in 1919, receives no financial support from the government. To cover our costs and generate a surplus, all of which is invested back into the school, parents are charged a termly fee for the education provided. However, the school governors offer two Foundation Bursaries to help families that would be unable to send their children to Brambletye without assistance.

Foundation Bursaries

A number of Foundation Bursaries are made available each year for the duration of a child’s education. These are offered to external candidates to the school and are in place to assist families who otherwise would not be able to consider a Brambletye education. There are, however, two conditions that must be satisfied before any offer can be made. The children must show good academic and all round potential and parents must be able to demonstrate a genuine need for the financial assistance offered.

To ensure criteria are met, an assessment day takes place in the Spring Term each year to assess potential candidates for their academic suitability for the school. Prior to the assessment day, parents are required to return a Statement of Financial Circumstances form, which is available from the registrar upon request.

The Foundation Bursaries are available for boys and girls who are aged between 7 and 11 years as of 1st September of the academic year of entry. Candidates are given papers in Maths and English. They are also given a Verbal Reasoning Test and interview. The papers are based on the national curriculum criteria at the level appropriate to the candidates.

Click here to download the Foundation Bursary Application Form

Application deadline for September 2022 entry: 7th January 2022
Scholarship and Bursary Assessment Day: 13th January 2022

The Blencowe Outstanding Talent Award:

The Blencowe Outstanding Talent Award is available each year to external pupils starting in Years 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, or internal pupils moving from Year 2 to 3 or above. Internal pupils can only apply for a Blencowe Talent Award once. Individual awards will normally be offered at either 5% or 10% of the fees irrespective of whether a pupil is a boarding or day pupil. Individual awards can be offered for sums up to an overall total of 50% (per academic year). A scholarship will be awarded to candidates who, in the opinion of the examiners, show exceptional ability and potential in one of the following: Academic, Music, Art or Sport. Candidates will have to sit tests in Maths, English and Verbal Reasoning to ensure that they will be able to cope academically.  The Music, Art and Sport assessments take place on the same day as the Academic assessments. 

The Blencowe Talent Award can be supplemented by a Bursary Award, based upon the financial circumstances of the applicant’s family. Candidates must apply through the Foundation Bursary Assessment procedure held in the Spring Term each year.

Click here to download the Blencowe Talent Award Form

Application deadline for September 2022 entry Scholarship Applications: 7th January 2022
Scholarship and Bursary Assessment Day: 13th January 2022

Armed Forces & Foreign Office Bursaries

Brambletye offers generous discounts of 15% to children of members of the Armed Forces and the Foreign Office.