We have a special supper from around the World to mark World Food Day tonight.  The chefs have produced paella, mushroom stronganoff, bao buns with pulled pork, french onion soup and pad thai.  An exploratory feast for inquisitive young people.  We took the opportunity to interview our superstar Catering Manager, Annabelle.

How long have you worked for Brambletye?
20 years

What’s the most important thing to you when cooking for children?
To produce healthy nutritious tasty meals with lots of variety

What’s the children’s favourite meal? There are a couple. 
The Brambletye special and chicken & sweetcorn pie

What is your favourite thing to cook for the children?
Chicken Tikka They love it!

What is the most unusual thing you’ve served/they like?
We created a bush tucker trial and the pupils loved the mealworm brownie!

Describe the Brambletye match teas in three words 
Delicious, stylish and satisfying

What is your biggest challenge as Catering Manager at a school such as Brambletye? 
To satisfy a large number of different appetites

World Food Day 2020 aims to raise awareness of food systems and encourages the growth of a variety of food to nourish a growing population. How does Brambletye encourage the children to gain a better understanding about types of food and how lucky they are to be able to eat such a varied diet?
We have tasting tables and themed lunches and suppers to introduce new foods and tastes to the pupils. Feeding the generation of the future comes with great responsibility. Our team offer nutritional education to all age groups.

What is your favourite meal and favourite tipple? 
It is rather old fashioned but I love Lobster Thermidor Wray & Ting (Jamaican Rum & Grapefruit crush over ice)

What would you be doing if not working at Brambletye or a catering manager? 
Running my own restaurant