Feelings Friday was a very special day and one that the children will remember for some time to come. A huge thank you to Mrs. Moreton-Smith, our Reception Teaching Assistant, who planned this event.

The day started with much excitement as the children came to school dressed in their home clothes and clutching an empty jam jar. These were soon transformed into ‘Calm Down’ jars (a concoction of water, food colouring and glitter) which served to represent the many feelings our children experience every day. There are times when everything feels a bit jumbled and busy in their heads (when the jar is shaken) but by taking some time out, and a deep breath (hold the jar still) then our feelings will gradually settle and we start to feel calmer. A fabulous visual aid.

In between other activities such as word searches and an emotions game the children also had a chance to enjoy yoga. Our After-School yoga teacher, Sarah, guided the children through a marvellous story enabling them to feel different emotions. Wonderful for mindfulness and calm.  

Amongst the many different feelings that were heard today were ‘Love’, ‘Excited’, ‘Proud’ and ‘Happy’ – and we, as a staff, have certainly come home feeling uplifted and proud of them all.