A very warm welcome to Mr Ingen-Housz who joins us as a Classics teacher (Maternity Cover).  Mr Ingen-Housz previously taught Classics at Haileybury, where he was also a resident tutor, boys’ football coach and head of girls’ football.
Mr Ingen-Housz says  ‘My aim at Brambletye is to give students a sense of the scale of history. I believe that classics are the foundation of our culture and modern world. I hope my students leave Brambletye with an idea of where it came from. 
My first two weeks at Brambletye have left me happy and exhausted and I’m grateful for both. I’m grateful for the countryside, the quiet, the lack of phones; for my colleagues who’ve welcomed me, for a school that values the Classics, and foremost for the students who come to lessons well-dressed and well-mannered. They’re a joy to behold. These have been the best two weeks of a long two years. That’s not to say life is easy, which it rarely ever is, but it’s hard to be in a very bad mood when you’re surrounded by kids playing tag.